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Testimonials for the Omaha System International Conference

Why attend the Conference? Read what attendees have experienced from past conferences and what they're looking forward to this year:

"Attending the Omaha System International Conference in 2015 opened my eyes to the impact that research can have on a global scale. This was my first academic conference and I was overwhelmed with the number of represented countries that use the Omaha System. The speakers’ and poster presenters’ enthusiasm for healthcare innovation inspired me to continue nursing research with renewed energy. I look forward to attending the 2017 Conference. I know that that I will meet many interesting people; learn a lot about how the Omaha System is used in today’s healthcare system; and be reminded that nursing research can have a global impact."
Elizabeth G. Weirich, BSN student, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, MN

"It was so exciting to attend the 2015 conference and see how far we have come using Omaha System data. The analytic methods have grown in sophistication and now that we have structured data, the understanding of the contributions of the various providers and patient care overall is robust! I can’t wait to see what is new for 2017!"
Kathy Bowles, Penn School of Nursing, PA & VNSNY, NY

"The Omaha System Conference provides a forum for diverse healthcare professionals to come together from across the globe to network through the sharing of a wealth of knowledge, experience, and evidence to demonstrate the versatility of the Omaha System."
Conni DeBlieck, New Mexico State University, NM

"Whether you want to learn about the basics of the Omaha System, glean creative ideas at the advanced level, or just make new friends that share your interests, the Omaha System Conference is an excellent opportunity."
David Rosebaugh, Champ Software, WA

"I attended the last three Omaha System International Conferences and now serve on the planning committee.  Every time I attend, I leave the conference energized and full of ideas that I take back to my practice setting, Public Health.  The level of expertise and the innovative applications of the Omaha System never fail to impress.  I would strongly encourage anyone with an interest in representation of or research on nursing work to attend this conference.  You won’t be disappointed."
Lynn Choromanski, MVNA/HCMC, MN